Artisan Dry-Cured Bacon (5-pack, 60 oz.)

from Vande Rose Farms
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Cleanness, versatility, balance. Great thickness. More sweet than salty...“sexiest” bacon


Brown sugar cured and slow smoked over applewood chips, our bacon is full of old-fashioned flavor in every delicious bite.

Vande Rose Farms produces award-winning, dry-cured artisan bacon celebrated by bacon lovers everywhere. Savory marbled Duroc bellies are hand-rubbed with a mixture of brown sugar, black pepper and a pinch of salts, accentuating the naturally rich flavors of our heritage breed pork. The seasoned bellies are allowed to absorb the cure for one week, and are then hung to naturally smoke over real applewood. Thickly sliced, our bacon cooks to a thick and hearty texture. No added water or phosphates means little shrinkage and robust, natural flavor.

This product includes five 12-ounce packages of bacon. The quality of the pork is the most important ingredient in the artisan process. Our all-natural, 100% antibiotic-free Duroc pork is tender, juicy, well-marbled and flavorful. Our American heritage breed pork is 100% vegetarian-fed and farm family raised.


The cure for the bacon consists of salt, brown sugar, black pepper and curing salts. Our bacon has no added phosphates.



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Oct 21, 2013
By Stuart Gonsal
Tasty and attractive, I bought on
discount vouchers to enjoy this dish :)
Jun 09, 2011
By Carl & Dean Birchard
This is the best tasting bacon we have ever eaten! Many packages of the bacon have been consumed by us, and we will continue to puchase for ourselves as well as for our son and his family!
Vande Rose Bacon
May 31, 2011
By Julius Willis
Outstanding flavor, bacon kept its shape very well while cooking. Some of the best bacon I have ever eaten.
Mark B
May 20, 2011
By Mark Boniol
This is the BEST bacon ever ! Classic flavor and great yeild. Expensive but worth every penny !
Mar 02, 2011
By Virginia
Very disappointed. The bacon had very little taste.
Feb 25, 2011
By Steve
Most delicious bacon i've ever had, thanks to men's journal for recommending.
Feb 24, 2011
Sizzling bacon
Jan 24, 2011
By Bob E.
This bacon lived up to it's reputation. Cooked beautifully, had the right amount of salt, and tasted great. Arrived in a tidy climate controlled cooler. This is my new source of bacon in the future.
Not your typical bacon..
Jan 20, 2011
By BaconBoy
Of course it isnt. typical bacon from the grocery stores is mostly fat and shrivels up into salty scraps of garbage. this is lean and has little shrinkage. awesome sweet/smokey taste and my kids even rave about it, asking me to order more. only downside is the cost and shipping but once in awhile you gotta go for it when its this good !!
its bacon!!!!
Jan 20, 2011
By bob kral
I split the 5 pak up amongst my brother in-laws as stocking stuffers.They all raved about it. It speaks for itself. Its Bacon.
Not Typical Bacon
Jan 17, 2011
By edwinjohnster
The flavor is good, but it isn't typical bacon as there is more meat than usual and it is a thicker cut. Shrinkage when cooked is minimal. It's bacon, but a different animal from the norm.
excellent quality and taste
Jan 15, 2011
By settlage
As one who loves bacon and cooks a great deal, I'm delighted to find this excellent bacon. We have used other applewood-smoked bacon in the past, but find the Vande Rose Farms the best yet.
Jan 14, 2011
By Donald R. Cody
I have been a fan of gourmet foods for a very long time..When I happened to accidently run across your web site and found the Vande Rose Farms bacon, I had to have some. Now, my wife & I would like to have breakfast with every outstanding product that I would recommend to anyone.
Best Bacon Ever
Jan 13, 2011
By Bacon Lover in Iowa
I have this bacon all the time and it is the best ever.
Not what it use to be
Jan 05, 2011
By Sam
This bacon WAS the best bacon there ever was. Since the company changed ownership and changed many of the quality checks, the bacon tastes like cardboard.
Artisan Dry Cured Bacon
Dec 06, 2010
By L Stults
Awesome bacon! My favorite. Just wish it didn't cost so much or I would be in all year round.
Dec 01, 2010
By bdg
i have tried most all the artisan bacons...this bacon you cannot improve on.
Great Product
Nov 15, 2010
By Mark
Excellent tasting bacon. Will definitely order again.
Maple Bacon
Jun 17, 2010
By E B
I really liked the thickness of the bacon along with the maple flavor.
Vande Rose bacon
May 05, 2010
By Thomas Grube
The best bacon I ever had in my life!
Our family farmers raise award-winning all-natural Duroc hogs, celebrated for their juicy, tender and flavorful meat.